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Depression Slayers [Resources]

by Tony Gjokaj January 09, 2024 1 min read

Depression Slayers Resources

The Reforged Diet: Our Flexible Nutrition strategy for a better life.

Reforge Yourself 30 Day Challenge

Reforged Grocery List

LIFT Your Mood Workout Program: A beginner's 4 day per week workout program!

ChatGPT Nutrition Hacks Series: Get your calories, macros, grocery list, and meal plan by using ChatGPT!


Our YouTube Channel: I LIFT Moods was created to document my own fitness journey, and helping you on yours.

Depression Slayers Accountability Group: Join our Discord Group and let's level up our health and wellness together!

Exercise Guides

5 Unconventional Exercise Motivation Hacks

5 Benefits of Intermittent Exercise (Micro-Dosing Your Workouts)

Nutrition Guides

The Ultimate Protein Guide

The Ultimate Carbohydrate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Fats

9 Nutrition Myths Debunked!

9 Hacks for Sustainable Weight Loss

Mindset Guides

LIFT Your Mood: 3 Hacks That Boost Mood & Well-Being

5 Mindset Hacks To Combat Depression

Supplement Guides

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pre-Workouts


Depression Slayers 15 Minute Workouts7 Workouts. 7 Demons to slay. Get your digital book on exercise here!

Zzz-Happy: The Ultimate Sleep Guide

LIFT Your Mood Challenge Deck: 30 Day challenge to build habits around exercise, nutrition, and sleep!

    Tony Gjokaj
    Tony Gjokaj

    Tony is the Owner of Reforged. He is a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and has been in the fitness space for over a decade. His goal is to help millions exercise their way out of depression and anxiety.

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