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Assassin.PNG__PID:12751236-0423-4a61-875d-a379a3d06bec THE ASSASSIN

This hero is known for their agility, precision, and their tactical mindset.

To combat the malevolent forces, Assassins rely on a diverse range of exercise styles, each tailored to strengthen their mental fortitude and resilience.

From martial arts to strength and power resistance training, these exercise styles, empowering them to slay depression demons with ease.









Warrior.PNG__PID:73589245-15fd-4c7c-b329-d614ab716e06THE WARRIOR

Known for their strength, courage, and indomitable spirit, the Warrior stands as a formidable force against the relentless depression demons.

To combat these malevolent adversaries, Warriors employ a range of exercise styles that align with their warrior ethos.

Through lifting weights and bodyweight exercises, they forge both physical and mental fortitude, channeling their inner power to vanquish their adversaries.









Druid.PNG__PID:924515fd-2c7c-4329-9614-ab716e06b236THE DRUID

Deeply connected to nature and its healing energies, the Druid possesses a unique approach to combat depression demons through exercise.

Embracing the harmony of mind, body, and spirit, Druids incorporate a variety of exercise styles that align with their affinity for nature and its transformative power.

Outdoor activities such as hiking, and trail running enable them to overcome their demons through the natural world.









Mage.PNG__PID:15fd2c7c-3329-4614-ab71-6e06b2366660 THE MAGE

Gifted with intellect and inner strength, the Mage employs a diverse range of exercise styles to combat depression demons and restore balance to the mind.

Mages are well-rounded, exploring all elements of exercise like lifting weights, swimming, cycling, and more.

With an arsenal of mental and physical exercises at their disposal, the Mage hero class conquers depression demons through the profound alchemy of the mind.