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The Code and Brand Values

The Code

The Legion's Code is a guiding philosophy that the Reforged Legion follows. We don't wait for the challenges to come to us: we seek them.

The code emphasizes four tenets that we utilize in order to transform our lives. We symbolize the phoenix, and before we can rise to greatness, we must first burn through the challenges we encounter in our lives.

I. We fight to improve and master mind & body performance.

II. We have a burning desire, or ambition, to accomplish our purpose.

III. We seek transformation in every aspect of our lives. 

IV. We embark on endeavors to achieve our purpose-driven goals.

Fight, Ambition, Transformation, Endeavor. These words spell out the acronym: FATE

We can guide our fates by taking the initiative and rising to the occasion.

We choose to craft our own fate.

We are Reforged.


Our Core Virtues

Our Core Virtues consist of additional values that we embrace beyond the code. These virtues build upon the Legion's Code by reinforcing each of the previously mentioned tenets.

Our Virtues go as follows:

I. Continuous Improvement.

Complacency is death, which we why we strive to improve every single day... even if it's only 1% growth. We work towards getting everything we desire in our life.

II. Honesty & Integrity.

We strive to achieve a state of humility where we silence ourselves, and keep improving through action. With humility comes the honesty and integrity to do what's right.

Humility combined with Ambition makes you an immovable force.

III. Inspire Action.

We intend to inspire action within others by doing: by accomplishing, by growing. 

We are the spark that inspires others to impact the world positively.

IV. United As One.

We march on as one unit, one legion, to accomplish our arduous tasks. Each one of us has our own battles... yet united as one unit, we can get more done than being a lone wolf.

We stand for something larger than us - and we will support our warriors.

V. Self-Discipline.

We are disciplined enough to stand for what we believe in. We do not give into the obstacles and distractions that life throws at us.

With that, let's value our lives & others around us, working to build and to accomplish great things.