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Paragon – a Model of Excellence.

Be a part of the Catalyst to one’s greatest potential. If you’re interested in building your personal brand or presence through social media, assisting others to reach a greater potential, and to make additional income… we want you to embrace this opportunity!

The Paragon Program is our affiliate program designed to create and develop leaders.

Rather than ONLY experiencing our products and brand, we want to reward you for being an advocate.

Here are just a few benefits of being a part of our program:

  •  Fitness and Personal Development content dedicated to expanding/reinforcing your knowledge.

  • Work with our Marketing team to expand your brand/social media.

  • Opportunity to earn extra income!

  • Get some insider exclusives on future product releases, events, and more.

  • Coaching from team members to help you develop your brand and expand your fitness knowledge.

  • Opportunity to become a Sponsored Athlete.

  • And plenty more!

We are looking for the most dedicated and determined individuals to grow alongside our brand. These individuals will possess and embrace our brand values: valuing growth, integrity and personal development above all.

Our Paragons will have the opportunity to leverage our brand to grow alongside it.

The opportunities and potential are endless.

Apply above if you’re willing to take the next step into achieving your Greatest Potential.

Grounded by reality… with a head in the clouds”.
The Reforged Paragon’s Insignia is a wing.
Wings symbolize many virtues. We view it as our desire to chase excellence, while we still remaining practical.
We aren’t just dreamers… we take action to make those dreams a reality.
As Paragons, we strive to achieve this through mastery of our mind and body.